Friday 26 October 2018

October Scavenger Hunt

Printed circuit board

 Variety of leaves around the garden
Laburnum, Sumac, Catoniasta, Forsythia, Budleia, Buddeja globosa

Can you spot the metal marbles rolling down the Marble Run at the House of Marbles

The boundary around my garden

Glass blowing at the House of Marbles

Thought I would put this lovely rose called Silver Jubilee on as we are heading into dark nights and winter, we can remember the lovely summer we have had this year in the UK  I didn't see much of this year's summer as you will read below.

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Footnote **

Christmas Advent Calendar 2018

Its nearly that time of year again!  But this year, I would still like to do the Christmas Advent Calendar as it has become a tradition on my blog for the past few years and this year despite of not having the time or the brain power to think of twenty four ideas I was wondering if I could ask for a little help of you wonderful people who join in with Kate's Scavenger Hunt for two Christmas words that mean Advent or if you remember the pictures from the old Advent Calendars before chocolate ones, yes there were such things, and I will use the words in this year's list. 

Please say you will join me again in putting twenty-four little Christmas pictures on your blog as if it were an Advent Calendar?  Saturday 1st December is the day we start opening doors on the Advent Calendar or in our case one picture per day for the blog posts.  Again this year I thought I would take a leaf from Hawthorn's book, hope you  don't mind me copying again Kate....... and have a Scavenger Hunt.  You put a different picture on everyday leading up to 24th December.  You can use your own photos, taken recently or from the family album/archive taken years ago, or use little films/cartoons from You Tube.  Please let me know if you would like to join in too, and I will list the names in November.

I have had a bit of a bad year to say the least and it hasn't finished yet.  We had three field mice who invaded our house.  Caught two humanely, one was set free on a grass-verge near the local public gardens and the other was set free up near the stables by a lovely couple of friends, not sure what happened to the third.......  My husband spent six months in and out hospital with a brain tumour and the day he was discharged my dad went into hospital with another mini stroke which has left him quite noisy so have had to resettle him in another care home.  Mini strokes and Dementia do not mix.

Friday 28 September 2018

September Scavenger Hunt

Brightly Coloured
A vintage jumper I once knitted

Upside Down
Some roses that decided to grow that way

I use these special pen to transfer patterns for embroidery
I wrote about it here 

A vintage bag I make and sell


My Choice
Dutch Apple Cake I made at the weekend

Friday 31 August 2018

August Scavenger Hunt

I love a nice Tea

Time-piece in the city of Oxford

The Aisle and alter in the chapel at Abbotsford the home of novelist Sir Walter Scott

Dartmouth Lower Ferry

Pretty vintage crocheted flower brooch I was given a few years ago from my friend Lucy

My choice, another tea from Locks Victorian Tea Rooms Dunster Somerset UK

Friday 27 July 2018

July Scavenger Hunt

When opened you enter........
The World of Harry Potter

11 am
"Nearly eleven o'clock, said Pooh happily.  You're just in time for a little smackerel of something and he put his head into the cupboard"  
Winnie the Pooh by AA Milne

Moss growing on the Laburnum tree in the garden


The view from the West Somerset Railway Minehead Somerset UK

My Choice
Unbeknown to me, my grandson found my camera and and he took a selfie!

Friday 29 June 2018

June Scavenger Hunt

The beautiful acid yellow of the Laburnum tree in my garden that flowers for about two weeks every May

Starts with a "T"


Starts with a "G"
Green Grapes

My charm bracelet I used to where everyday nearly in the 1970's, not so fashionable now

My own choice
The Rambling Rector Rose in my garden

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Friday 25 May 2018

May Scavenger Hunt

Cranberry & White Chocolate Rock Cakes being left to cool

Looks a bit of a disaster but once the ends have been sewn in on this knitting it will look OK

Water at Lynmouth UK

Fence & Prickly
(2-in-1 picture)

Prickly Holly against the fence

My Choice
The pretty Aquilegia (Columbine) growing in my garden

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Friday 27 April 2018

April Scavenger Hunt

It was meant to be Swirl cake, chocolate and vanilla

River Dart, Dartmouth Devon UK

The Poplar trees - the view from my back-door

Cross stitched letters

The Seagull I designed, created and knitted, and balanced it on wired legs

My own Choice
A brooch I created using glass, metal, shell and stone beads

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Friday 30 March 2018

March Scavenger Hunt

The button Hole isn't aligned with the button

Just finished Making
A request from my son for his daughter

Reading Now
Found it in a charity shop, 

Black and White
Wool for a project I am doing

Something beginning with "H"
Cut Hyacinths in a vase

My Own Choice
My youngest granddaughter in her tent she had from us for her first birthday

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Friday 23 February 2018

February Scavenger Hunt

Frost on the windscreen of the car

Cord for crafting

Trying to blend in with the wall

Beginning with "J"
That'll be me then.........
I begin with a "J" my name is Julie

Camellia bush, did you know it is related to the beverage Tea

My Choice
This made me smile, can you see the cross faces on the Malt Loaf?